Courtsey: The Indian Express
courtesy of The Indian Express

During a recent excavation in Bihar, ‘Krimila’, a religious and administrative centre, was unearthed. A comprehensive report by this newspaper tells the story of the history of the region and its influence on the world through its Buddhist records.

The 2020 Ayodhya verdict brought binary reactions. Incidentally, the supporters of both the Hindu and Muslim narrative looked straight past another version of history — the tolerant Buddhist past. To investigate the Buddhist past is to supplant both Hindu (Brahminic) and Islamic history, for they contributed to the erasure of Buddhist richness from the land.

Buddha’s messenger Ashoka had done a…

  • Edited out version is in bold.

Oct 18, 2020

I want to say her name, the name that will force us to stare into our hollow eyes when we find some time to check on ourselves at least once a day in the mirror.

There is a script that goes with the rape of Dalit women. She is desired, then taunted, abducted, raped, brutally murdered. Her lifeless body is thrown in the village for the Dalit settlement to mutely accept the tragedy. If one in many thousand cases draws world attention, then it is stated that the woman was having…

*Pre-edited version of my article at the Indian Express

Dalitality will be incomplete if it doesn’t honor my predecessor, Chandra Bhan Prasad, a shiny thought leader and India’s leading public intellectual. At a time when Dalits were barely noticed, CBP was our eyes and ears. He was our man clothed in a soigné suit, sharp black tie and handsomely combed hair. Sitting in the studios or penning his philosophy, CBP gave us reasons to be proud and assured.

CBP is known to the world for his stellar work as a columnist in India’s English daily, The Pioneer. He held the honor of independent India’s first Dalit to have a…

From one Dalit to another.

April 30, 2020

Dear Hon. President of India, Shri. Ram Nath Kovind ji:

Jai Bhim!

You and I come from the same lineage. Our people have led epochal fights against the bane of untouchability.

Their lives were legislated by the horrendous codes of degradation and suffering overseen by the wretched, casteist Brahminical regime.

The media keeps asking me to comment on you; they would love to hear me criticize you so they can then have their churlish moment of fun. What a pity! I have refrained from these low blows because as a fellow Dalit, I value you.

Let me make this clear…

India loses in the qualifying round; the walkers and sprinters failed to make impression; it was a disappointing day for India; India’s Aditi Ashok finishes 41st in the women’s golf; Indian shooters are out of medal contention; Yogeshwar Dutt loses 0–3 in the qualifier….

These notifications gauged the Indian embarrassment repeatedly since the past few weeks. I was heckled to open my eyes to read repetitive notifications of India’s devastating defeats from the Olympics.

India was drowning in an embezzled fame of being the largest democracy with over 1.3 billion people but no ace Olympian at hand.

It has become…

My reaction to myself: okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I have seen many people, including a few of my colleagues who breathe a sigh of relief post submission of the thesis. Thesis of any kind, bachelors, honors, masters and PhD. It is a moment of triumph and an accomplishment to be reckoned with. It is almost a rule to have this period celebrated with winery or any form of beverage along with party codes. For many it is to re-connect with the friends whom they’ve been ignoring for the past few days, weeks, months and sometimes even years. …

The Indian Left is a club of Brahmin Savarna educated elite who after studying some western theories of [labor] exploitation continue to emulate the parlance into the Indian setting.

As much as the oppressed masses in India are weary of the right wing fear-mongering Brahminical fascists, they equally slam the left wing — dangerous Brahmanism. In the discourse of prime time news focus on the Left graduate student, one can ask when was the last time a living Dalit received glamorous frontal page attention of the media outlets since Mayawati?

Kanhaiya Kumar who is still in the process of unmaking…

Suraj Yengde @surajyengde

Author ‘Caste Matters’, co-editor ‘The Radical in Ambedkar’ | Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School | Associate, African & African American Studies, Harvard.

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